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Design isn't just our profession—it’s our lifestyle. We immerse ourselves in design on a daily basis and distill our best ideas into gifts that you can wear, use and keep on your desk. Shop Apparel »


The Rhode Island Collection

Exclusively for Rhody locals! We find creative inspiration in all aspects of our home state. Show your love for RI! Shop Collection »

From tot to toddler: apparel for the little one.

Your kids have style. Let them show it. Shop Kids »


Rhode Island Collection

Salute to the little big Ocean State

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Nerd out and share your flare with witty phrases or unique designs

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Something to jot down, or send to friends and family!

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Apparel made by (and for) designers.

We know what makes creative people tick. We’re a team of designers and web developers with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We make the products that we want to see on store shelves!

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